An original drawing by Ava

Ava's story..

Ava was a perfectly healthy and beautiful 3 year old girl, enjoying every aspect of life, who unexpectedly fell ill on holiday in March 2017. Ava and her parents had a perfect holiday and were about to fly home to share these memories. Ava contracted an extremely rare form of the very common Epstein Barr Virus which impacted her brain (encephalitis), and whilst there is no immunisation against it, no treatment to stop the impact or to cure it, all options were exhausted to give Ava the best possible chance of recovery.
Sadly, Ava passed away on the 29th July 2017 after a long battle by her loved ones to keep her with them.
Inspired by Ava, and wanting to help other children, Ava’s Angels was established in March 2018 and provides support to families of sick children during hospital stays, helping them to spend more time caring for their child.